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This section contain the resources of Principles of Accounts for O level students, it includes topical practice questions, structured and multiple choice both. Students can have ample practice by solving these questions and they can get it marked by sending the answers of their questions to us, the marking will be done as per the marking rules of different recognized examination bodies working throughout the world.

By practicing these questions, which contain different difficulty levels, students can easily assess themselves before their examination. Let’s have an opportunity to practice these questions and guarantee your success.

Teachers can contribute their valuable questions and suggestions to us; they will be placed on this website along with their names, so to be a part of this website, send us your contributions.

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Latest Updates

  • Elasticity Notes are Uploaded
  • Examination Guidance Sample Test Is Available yet at the following LINK
  • Accounting formats for:Cash Flow StatementPartnership AccountsPartnership ChangesManufacturing AccountsNon- Profit Making OrganizationLimited CompaniesAccounting Concepts along with activities are also uploaded